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Our producer approached us with an idea to make a short film about the pro-sex feminist community that she was a part of in post-punk London. We felt strongly about expanding the project to a feature length documentary, as these stories deserved to be told in a much larger and more ambitious way. We both care deeply about this subject; we are both massive fans of the UK feminist post-punk music scene and of documenting queer histories. We named this community REBEL DYKES.

Our approaches to filmmaking perfectly complement one another; Harri’s DIY style animation works in synergy with Siân’s analogue video recreations. This visual and technical approach adds a playful and engaging layer to the telling of the Rebel Dykes’s filmed interviews.

Directors Statement

Being former band mates and an ongoing part of the DIY LGBTQ creative activist scene, we are the next line of the Rebel Dykes. We owe our own paths to the women whose stories we showcase in this film. It’s vital that we show our audience the joyous triumphs the Rebel Dykes achieved under the hostility of Thatcherism and even radical feminism. Rebel Dykes is a timely retelling of history that resonates so much with our lives under austerity Britain and the fight for trans rights today.

Siân Williams & Harri Shanahan (Co-directors)

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